In 2017 360-Degree videos and virtual reality are gaining popularity among users, making them a tool for marketing that can be exploited in various fields, brands and agencies know this, so they already earmarked resources to develop content in these formats.

The markets of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is projected to be over $162 billion by 2020, according to the IDC.

Hence, this technology represents a new showcase for advertising and marketing since it can be applied from the personal branding, political marketing, digital marketing, and others.

We share with you some of the 360 ° videos that have been made in recent months:



Mercedes Benz invites users to take a ride on their SL on the Californian coastline.


Social Marketing

The brand of beer Belgian Stella Artois has joined to launch the campaign “Buy a lady a drink” with the goal of awaring people on the problem of shortage of water in countries in way of development where mainly women and girls, have to make long trips just to get some of the vital fluid.



The world of fashion is evolving, now the great designers opt for digital marketing strategies and social networks to show their new collections.

This video made by The Wall Street Journal cast a look in 360 of the New York Fashion Week Show.


Sports Marketing

The NFL joins this trend of 360 ° videos, starting this new series of videos called “NFL Immersed” providing fans with unprecedented access to their favorite players & teams.


Hotels Marketing

Atlantis The Palm Hotel, a luxurious Hotel located in Dubai has used this format to provide an immersive experience and showcase their beautiful arquitecture and amenities.

Other brands such as Mountain Dew, McDonalds, Vans, as well as institutions and media companies, bet on this new type of content. Is it the next generation in marketing?